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Forward, TOGETHER!

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John F. Kennedy said, "A rising tide lifts all boats." So rise with me to meet tomorrow's challenges, today.  It will take passion, leadership, and vision from all of us.  As a resident, I am only one person.  As a citizen, I am only one vote.  As a councilmember, I'll be only one of seven, but I will work closely with ALL stakeholders to keep uplifting and moving us forward, TOGETHER!

It would be my honor and privilege to serve you. 
  • Holistic, community-based values
  • Collaborative community builder
  • Dedicated to "moving the needle" on resident issues
  • Local, state and national leadership

"Grassroots leadership with integrity!"  - May Lee Xiong


After weeks of getting out and talking with neighbors, these are the concerns that you've shared with me.

  • Public Safety & Law Enforcement:  We need to support our police department and its officers.  Let's find creative and community opportunities to work with our police to more effectively prevent and deter criminal activity in our neighborhoods.  I support strengthening our neighborhood watch groups and partnering with community organizations that can help us build a safer city.  See the scorecard I helped create >

  • Highway 252 Project:  It’s going to be a BIG project so we have to make sure that residents are involved in the process to give their input.  There are community engagement meetings going on right now.  We must consider its impact on our local economy, ecology, traffic and pedestrian crossings as a new freeway infrastructure, AND as it’s being constructed.  See more info >


  • Growth & Revitalization:  The East District doesn't have much room left for growth.  Therefore, a priority MUST be to ensure that development and revitalization dollars are equitably reinvested into the East District as the city expands along the 610 corridor and into the northwest corner.  We must continue to provide high quality livability that balances commercial and residential needs.  See 2040 Comprehensive Plan >

Economic Development

This is the engine of our city.  I support our comprehensive plan that has a whole chapter outlining economic development actions and strategies for our staff to follow from now to 2040.

I WILL diligently work with community members, partners, and staff to improve policies and keep residents updated on our progress.  Especially in these key areas:

  • Job creation, career pipelines and income equity policies

  • Small business incubation and locally-owned business growth

  • City practices that promote procurement of local goods and services

  • Expanding the tax base equitably

Crime & Law Enforcement

Whether the recent upswing is pandemic related or not, the safety of our community members and peace officers are of utmost importance.  Our Brooklyn Park Police Department is one of THE BEST in the the region and are dedicated to working with residents and other community stakeholders to approach this complex problem with creativity, heart and resolve.

I WILL continue my work from the Police and Racial Justice Evaluation committee by following up on the outcomes to the scorecard that we had developed in partnership with the BPPD.  I will also look to strengthen and enhance our involvement in the Multi-cultural Advisory Committee (a partnership with Hennepin County) and community-led groups like Minnesota Acts Now:

  • Promote transparency, accountability, de-escalation and positive relationships between Brooklyn Park officers and residents.

  • Work collaboratively to enhance relationships between police and immigrant/refugee, minority and faith communities.

  • Support the genuine and authentic outreach needed to combat growing gang-related activity.

Youth Engagement

Brooklyn Park has really great youth programs in terms of sports and recreation, but we need more leadership and professional development opportunities like Cities United, BrookLynk and the new Youth OnBoard program to create space for youth at decision-making tables.

I WILL champion youth development and leadership opportunities in Brooklyn Park, working with our schools and local organizations as necessary:

  • The Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth is an amazing group that should be highlighted and uplifted

  • Education and career pathways also need to be highlighted such as youth job fairs and our post-secondary resources

  • I would LOVE to create a youth commission at the city council level to take ownership of youth issues in the city

  • Shout-out to our amazing Recreation and Parks department and their programming that reaches children and youth all across the city


We are living through a transformational time.  Diversity and inclusion are core values of the city, but we MUST integrate these principles into our policies and practices.

I WILL find creative and collaborative ways to champion our BP 2025 Goal #5: (Build) partnerships that increase racial and economic equity, empower residents and neighborhoods to prosper.  Also, I am "all in" to support the work of the new Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion manager.

  • Each resident has access to the training and support needed to get and keep a living wage job.( job skills training, childcare and labor rights)

  • Each student graduates high school with a pathway to college or career. (e.g. Pre-k, rec programs, BrookLynk)

  • Aging neighborhoods and commercial centers are revitalized through continuous investment.

  • The community provides necessary supports and services for community members to overcome life challenges such as hunger, mental illness, and homelessness.

  • Housing is a fundamental human right.

Community Engagement

Brooklyn Park is 86,000+ strong.  We are the 4th largest population in the metro.  6th largest and 2nd most diverse population in the state, with room to grow.  Yet, we cannot meet our full potential and be the powerhouse city that we can be, because we are a community too structurally divided to stand together.

I WILL bring neighbors together around hyper local issues from Autumn Ridge to the Mississippi Gateway, and from the Bouwman farm to the VFW.  I will continue the East district's tradition of leading "on-the-ground" to put the "unity" in community.  Which is our BP 2025 Goal #1: (Build) a united and welcoming community, strengthened by our diversity.

  • Connected neighbors who understand and celebrate our unique cultures.

  • Brooklyn Park is unified with a strong positive identity and image.

  • Our community’s activities, events and services are inclusive, multi-cultural, and accessible.

  • We have places and spaces for diverse communities to gather.

  • Residents of every age contribute to our community.

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COVID-19 Response & Recovery

Never before has it been made so abundantly clear, how interconnected we are in this globalized world.  How the decisions that each of us make every day could have a huge impact on the lives of our fellow people a world away.  So, let us do our best here in Brooklyn Park to help our neighbors, near and far, recover and continue to stay safe from COVID-19.

I WILL work to make the most of our recovery funds- ensuring the city communicates, engages, and spends the funds wisely and effectively.  At the same time, strongly encouraging residents and staff to continue practicing safe habits, test regularly and get vaccinated:

  • $11 million dollars as part of the American Rescue Plan are being divided up into city budget right now.

  • Tens of millions of other state and federal recovery funds will also be coming to the city in the coming months/years.

  • We MUST find ways to reach deeper into our diverse communities to educate, test, vaccinate and help heal trauma.

  • We must collaborate and maintain strong relationships with all stakeholders so that our city and residents can be more prepared to handle future health emergencies.

Brooklyn Park Freedom Dividend

In the wealthiest country in the world, Universal Basic Income or a Guaranteed Income for all Americans will effectively eliminate poverty and move not just Brooklyn Park, but humanity forward.  

I WILL look for opportunities to fund and pilot a UBI program in Brooklyn Park:

  • Even a minimal UBI in a year could make a profound difference for a family that just needs that little extra to turn the corner.

  • Most families need the flexibility of direct cash to be able to have a sense of financial stability.

  • Financial stability and security for families mean less mental stress and more local spending- a win/win/win for everyone.

Age-Friendly City

This is an over-arching goal that Brooklyn Park has to stay committed to.  How we treat our elders and how we intentionally work to make life in our city better for them matters.  This is because what's good for them will be good for all of us, and not just in the structural things but the emotional impact as well.

I WILL keep our 2018 "Becoming an Age-Friendly Brooklyn Park" report at the forefront of all my decision-making:

  • Conduct a housing audit to assess current and planned housing stock for inclusiveness and accessibility

  • Develop a broader and more cohesive volunteer strategy for more meaningful engagement

  • Partner with key organizations to advance age-friendliness

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The United States of American is at a pivotal moment in its history, and this moment is a make-or-break moment for our brand of representative democracy.  We were founded upon grand ideals and unalienable rights, which I whole-heartedly believe are fundamental human rights that all people should have.  

I WILL always support Get Out the Vote and Get Out the Count initiatives and programs, pathways to citizenship, and resources to help refugee and immigrant communities thrive:

  • I support an independent and citizen-informed redistricting committee.

  • Minnesota kept our 8th Congressional seat by 26 people in 2020 because of an amazing (if I do say so myself) collective effort- we'll need to do much more in 2030!

  • We need to invest in ideas that will INCREASE voter education and turn out.

Climate Change

All projections are becoming worse than we first thought, because everything is starting to snowball at such a rapid pace.  Latest news is that our gulf stream may soon collapse!  Such a wicked problem, but we can do our part.  The solar panels are a great start.  Next, how about city-wide energy efficiency, recycling and composting goals!

I WILL push for more actionable solutions within the city, and in partnership with Hennepin County and the Met Council, to work to do our part to do better for our planet:

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Explore sustainable lifestyle development opportunities

  • Also set goals for our infrastructure, utilities, businesses, transportation and land use

  • Continue leading in innovation and application

  • What's better for the world than some good vibes?  

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