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xp lee for brooklyn park terry parks

TERRY PARKS,  Brooklyn Park City Council Member - East

"Xp is a once-in-a-lifetime candidate who not only qualifies but would be perfect for the job.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to endorse him.  We need Xp on the Brooklyn Park City Council."

xp lee for brooklyn park susan pha

SUSAN PHA,  Brooklyn Park City Council Member - West

“Xp is genuinely a thoughtful leader with broad experience and brings a comprehensive toolkit of skills to the table.  I’m so happy that he’s running for City Council – East District, and he has my full support!”

xp lee for brooklyn park samantha vang

SAMANTHA VANG,  State Representative - 40B

"I got to know Xp in 2017 when he was first starting to passionately engage community around the 2020 census.  It was not surprising that he went on to help lead the state-wide Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership that helped us keep our 8th Congressional seat by just 26 people.  Xp deeply understands that everyone counts.  That’s why I support Xp for Brooklyn Park City Council - East District, and look forward to working with him."


GRACE MOBOSI-ENWESI,  Educator - Minneapolis

“Three years ago, Xp was very dedicated in helping to connect my community to resources and events in Brooklyn Park.  We held our 58th Nigerian Independence Day celebration at Oak Grove Park and even participated in the 2019 Tater Daze parade.  He definitely has integrity in building up communities of color and connecting across cultures.  Attending and supporting our events Xp and his wife are very friendly, and open, to learning about others and sharing about themselves.  That is why I support Xp for City Council.”

xp lee for brooklyn park david schultz

DAVID SCHULTZ,  Professor of Political Science - Hamline University

"Hello, my friends and residents of Brooklyn Park, I’m excited to support Xp Lee for City Council – East District because he was a very enthusiastic participant in my Minnesota Community Assembly project from a few years ago.  The idea was to pull together a diverse cohort of residents and empower them with information, and connections, so that they would hopefully be motivated enough to stay engaged with their local government even after the project ended. 


Xp has really embodied the spirit of my project and has continued to stay connected not only with the city, but with many members of his original cohort as well.  Xp understands the critical importance of community engagement.  He also understands the issues, the people, and the needs of your community.  I cannot think of a better person for City Council."

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